Handmade in small batches in Canada.





It all started with a discussion about wet shaving. I was asked how much I knew about shaving a face – a strange question since I’m a woman – but it turns out that I knew quite a bit.

I believe the epitome of manliness is seeing that well used shave brush sitting next to a mug, with the scents of a barbershop hanging in the air. Unfortunately, what I have come to realize is that these familiar sights and smells are slowly starting to fade away. This authentic and simple way of life is being replaced by aerosol cans full of foam or gel, and ingredients that I don’t recognize. The only sign of an authentic cutthroat shave in any mainstream store are half-assed shave soaps. The market lacks choice, leaving the average consumer unable to find a variety of scents or even a decent shave brush.

I decided that your face deserves better.

With a background in science, the nerd in me kicked into high gear and I started to research scents, soaps and everything shave related. The objective; formulate a series of products that are as pure as possible, and created using simple ingredients. I want to bring back that manly smell and create a brand just for men – not a women’s brand with a men’s line.

My kitchen table started to look like a mini laboratory, with flasks and beakers, test strips and scents filling the air. As you look further you’ll see different blends of soap being poured into moulds or curing in the racks. This became the foundation of the Cutthroat Shaving Company. This is a business that celebrates a back to basics approach and is dedicated to small hand-made batches made from scratch. We know our materials, we stand behind our methods and we strive for the highest quality as we continue to create these kick-ass products.