Handmade in small batches in Canada.

It’s important to recognize that one thing all men have in common is the need to shave up, clean up, or maintain the health of their facial hair. Each guy has a style – some keep it classic, and some experiment with new looks – and to accomplish this you have to have the right tools. Tim is a man that likes to keep it classic, and Cutthroat products are perfect for his everyday needs.


Tim’s an entrepreneur and has been running his own business for years. He’s often outside in a variety of weather conditions, and he like to stay looking sharp. He is an avid hockey fan and he’s always down for a good time with the wife or coaching the local hockey team. He’s a friendly dude that is always ready to meet new people, and grab a beer.

Tim had used a wide range of the Cutthroat Shaving Companies products, using the shave soaps to give him a smooth clean cut and the aftershaves to keep his skin fresh. Tim is a man who has benefited from incorporating our products into his daily routine.