Handmade in small batches in Canada.

When we search for brand ambassadors, we want to find everyday men with a bit of a wild side. We are looking for the perfect mix of badass dude and gnarly gentleman. Kris is the embodiment of the Cutthroat Shaving Company’s values.


Kris is a tool and die tradesman, a metal band musician, and a fire-breathing maniac. At any random time you will find him crafting badass custom knives in the machine shop, leading chaotic performances with his band, or figuring out new ways to yield fire with his hardcore talent. You can watch Kris in action in our brand commercial.

When we contacted Kris for our video shoot, we asked him if he would be interested in performing a cutthroat shave. We knew we picked the right Cutthroat ambassador when he responded by asking if he could bring his own straight razor to the shoot. Kris was super impressed with the quality of our shave soaps and the smell of our aftershaves.