Handmade in small batches in Canada.

With the launch of Cutthroat Shaving Company we wanted to share one of our own. Who can better represent our brand than someone who has been here since the beginning? If you have met us before at a show or the Gentlemen’s expo, there is a good chance you have already met Andrew.

Andrew is a skilled tradesman, and his work has brought him to some exotic locations around the world. He has spent time living and working in the Caribbean and the middle east. When you sit down and talk with Andrew, he always has a story or two about his adventures. In the summertime you can find him riding his Harley, and we’ve even seen him show up to meetings on his bike in single digit weather. Andrew is a badass gentleman and a great representative of our company.

Andrew has a real passion for turning our custom hand made badger brushes. You’ll hear him talk about sourcing the wood, the smooth finishes and the different options in synthetic or traditional brush bristles. He also loves to shave with a safety razor, a product that you can order soon from the Cutthroat Shaving Company.